Bronislaw Szafraniec was born as Olavi Savisaar

According to the game, Bronislaw was born in Ösel while that province was still owned by the Livonian Order. The province is 100% Estonian and didn't become part of Poland until 1812, when Bronislaw was 24 years old. Hence I find it very unlikely that this guy would actually be Polish and in that case it makes little sense that his birthname would be Polish. So I made up this story of how his birthname was Olavi Savisaar (an Estonian name that had at least a few similarities with Bronislaw Szafraniec) and then he later changed his name to fit in better in the Polish society. I think this makes more sense than him being Polish despite growing up in an 100% Estonian province ruled by a Latvian nation, or that he's Estonian with a Polish name.