Anno 1836

Welcome to the Anno 1836 wiki! This is a wiki project describing an alt-history world in 1836, simulated through an observer campaign in the game Europa Universalis 4 and a conversion to the game Victoria 2. The point of divergence from real history is 11 November 1444, the start date of Europa Universalis 4. The wiki aims to describe this alternate world primarily using information from the final Europa Univeralis 4 save file and the Victoria 2 conversion, possibly complemented by real world facts and original content by the community to fill in the details. The wiki will contain information about countries, people, diplomacy, geography, history, etc, in this alternate version of Earth in 1836.

How to contribute

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the wiki by signing up for a Fandom account. You'll need to own Europa Universalis 4 with all DLC except Rights of Man, and Victoria 2 with both expansions and the lastest patch (3.04). You'll also need the EU4 save file and Vic2 conversion, they can be downloaded below:

EU4 save file - Place it in your "save games" folder, by default it should be under Documents/Paradox Interactive/Europa Univeralis IV. Load the save game in Europa Universalis 4.

Vic2 conversion - Extract the archive into your "mod" folder, if you own the game on steam it should by default be under Program/Steam/steamapps/common/Victoria 2. Run Victoria 2 through the launcher and make sure to tick the checkbox for the mod "Anno 1836 - Converted".

Contribution Guidelines

Please read the Contribution Guidelines before contributing.

Latest activity

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