Bronislaw Szafraniec, born Olavi Savisaar (1788), is an Estonian-Polish philosopher and politician. He is the leader of the Liberal Faction and the current Prime Minister of Poland.

Early Life

Olavi Savisaar[1] was born in Arensburg, then part of Livonia, in 1788[2]. In 1806 he moved to study philosphy at the University of Fellin[3]. After graduating at the top of his class in 1811 he returned to his hometown Arensburg[4]. In 1812, after the annexation of Osel by Poland at the conclusion of the Polish-Saxon Imperialist War[5][6], Savisaar began taking an interest in politics and applied his philosophy degree[2] to develop his own branch of Liberalism[7]. Determined to make something out of himself in the Polish nation where he now lived he was quick to learn Polish and to distance himself from Estonian customs in favour of Polish ones. In 1814 he officially changed his name to Bronislaw Szafraniec to facilitate these ambitions[1].

Political Career

Szafraniec joined the Liberal Faction of Poland and quickly distinguished himself through his political ideas. He rose in the ranks within the party and by 1818 he had become its leader[7]. His philosophical and political ideas caught the interest of Polish King Michal II, who appointed him Prime Minister on 1 August 1818[5], a position he has held ever since.


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