Lech Morsztyn (born 1792) is a Polish commandant[1] and politician. He is the Minister of War in Poland and the leader of the Royal Faction.

Early life

Lech Morsztyn was born in Gyula in 1792[1]. Coming from a family of military men, he enlisted in the army at a young age[2].


Military career

Morsztyn experienced war for the first time as a foot soldier during the Polish-Saxon Imperialist war. Throughout his 4 years of service in the war he was noticed for his ability to inspire discipline in his fellow soldiers nad by the end of the war he had been promoted to officer. During the following decade of peace he served as a drill sergeant training the new recruits and continued to impress his superiors with his ruthless but effective methods[2].

Political career

On the behest of his colleagues in the military he accepted the invitation to join the Liberal Faction of Poland in 1819[3]. On the 1st of October 1822[4] he was appointed Minister of War. He has remained on this post since then, pushing for a careful policy on war, preferring to focus resources on training the army and building up defenses so that Poland may be prepared in case they are attacked by foreign powers[5].


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