Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a country in Northern Europe. Norway proper is situated on the Fennoscandic peninsula with the North and Norwegian Seas to the west, the White Sea to the north and the sea of Kattegat to the south. Norway also controls the North Atlantic islands of Iceland, Faroes, Shetlands and Orkney, as well as part of the Scottish highlands on Great Britain. On the mainland it's bordered by Denmark to the east and south across the Kattegat, and Russia to the north-east. It also shares a land border with Ulster to the south of its British territories.

Norway is the colonial overlord of their colony New Norway on the east coast of North America. It also owns the integrated overseas territories of Bahamas in the Caribbean and Ceara in northern South America, the latter bordering Brazil and their satellite Tupiniquim.

The Kingdom of Norway, including its colonies, have a population of over 20.9 million people. Its capital city is Christianssand. Other large cities include Drammen, Bergen, Christiania, Bodo and Göteborg.